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  • To provide all levels of home care service in collaboration with physicians, thus allowing patients to remain in their own homes.

  • To provide a broad base of services with patient demand governing the scope, allowing patients to be involved in establishing, implementing, and evaluating services.

  • To maintain patients in their homes as long as possible and provide services in the least restrictive setting.

  • To assist patients in using all restorative methods, tools, and procedures to return patients to their optimal level of function.

  • To provide cost‑competitive, quality services.

  • To develop a relationship with referral sources to effectively meet our patients’ home care needs.

  • To function as a liaison between our patients and available community resources and assist our patients in coping with their needs and problems.

  • To create and provide programs that are both well designed and managed

  • To provide both medical and social services and support to this vulnerable population all within the familiarity and comfort of their own homes

  • To help individuals gain access to needed medical, social, educational and other services of the highest quality

  • To enhance the quality of life for the client by allowing early hospital discharge and early ambulation; to decrease the risk of institution-borne infections; to eliminate the problems with access to quality health services; to foster disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles

  • To coordinate and deliver the highest quality services for the client


To provide:

  • A coordinated team approach to therapeutic, rehabilitative, and supportive

  • health care services using skilled nursing, home health aides, medical social services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutritional consultation and a system of referral, follow‑up, and evaluation.

  • Home health care services and training, which allow patients and their caregivers to assume personal responsibility for patients’ health and personal needs.

  • Review methods for continuous examination of the care patients are receiving from Universal.

  • Educational opportunities within the health care system for employees through an ongoing in-service program, short‑term training for students, and participation in professional organizations.

  • Coordinated liaison with health and welfare agencies to meet the needs of the community through joint efforts, meetings, and community awareness programs.

  • A positive work environment conducive to maximum employee performance.

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